Another reason to become a member of The MOB!

Just in case you need another reason to become a member of The MOB, besides the obvious ones like
  1. Getting to meet other like minded individuals.
  2. Learning more about brewing.
  3. Improving your beer quality.
  4. Enjoying craft beer with your friends.
I received an email from Barb Siciliano (The Boss' wife) today telling me about a discount for club members.  Here's the message from Barb.


   Something to share with your members, if you have an annual club member card or some way to prove membership, you get 10% off equipment and ingredients at Siciliano's, excluding carboys and 55 lb grain bags. Just FYI.

Good luck and I love your website!  


Now I realize that we have not even had our first official meeting yet.  It is scheduled for 7:30pm Sunday March 13th at Odd Side Ales.  However, we will be signing up members and getting ID cards to those who join ASAP.

See you on Sunday!