Big Brew 2011/ May's Meeting of the MOB

    Well The MOB's 1st annual Big Brew was a great success.  We had a great
turnout.  There were 7 batches of beer made for a total of 45 us gallons brewed
by The MOB.  2 batches of the AHA Porter recipe were brewed and 2 batches of the
AHA Wit were made, as well as a Blonde Ale, an IPA, and a Pilsner.  The weather
was amazing and a few of us got some nice sun burns.  Russ took great video
footage and posted a video on YouTube that will be entered into the AHA 2011 Big
Brew Video Competition.  The link is up on the website and I will post a link
    Our first MOB competition for Wheat beers had 4 competitors, there were 3
American Wheat's and 1 Dunkel.  Each competitor was assigned a number and
judging was done by 4 judges split into pairs, when each pair of judges finished
scoring all 4 beers, all 4 judges met to decide on final scoring.  The only info
on the beers that the judges were given was the entry # and the style.  Judges
were not competitors.  All beers were judged based on BJCP guidelines.  The
judges said it was a tight competition.  They also said they were very impressed
with the quality of all 4 beers and all beers placed in the mid 30's and above. 
I will email score sheets to the competitors in the next couple of days. 

MOB points were given to all competitors. 
4 points for 1st place
3 points for 2nd
2 points for 3rd
1 point for all other entries. 

1st place:  Ross Ziegenthaler (american wheat)

2nd place:  Josh Troast and Chad Doane (american wheat)

3rd place:  Jim Brewer (american wheat)

4th place:  Russ Smith (dunkel)

Thanks to all the judges for their hard work, and the Mobsters who entered their

    Next month's competition will be "The Best of your Cellar" bring in any 
beer that you have been sitting on for a while, I ask that they be at  least 3
months old.  I will send out an email in the next week or two  with all of the
details for June's meeting and competition.

p.s.  Here is the link to the video made by Russ Smith thanks again Russ.