BYO Magazine

2018 BYO Homebrew Club Subscription Program

Brew Your Own, launched in 1995, is the largest circulation magazine for people interested in making their own great beer at home. Every issue includes recipes, how-to projects and expert advice to help you brew world-class beer.

Regular columns include troubleshooting common problems with Mr. Wizard, brewing a classic beer style in Style Profile, homebrew recipes for your favorite commercial beers in The Replicator, refining your brewing with Techniques, building brewing gadgets in Projects and hearing tips, stories and recipes from fellow homebrewers in Homebrew Nation.
Brew Your Own gives you practical, well-researched information in a fun format for all homebrewers, whether you brew your beer from extract kits or all-grain.
Brew Your Own publishes eight issues annually from offices in Manchester Center, VT. The magazine's online home,, offers a selection of the magazine's stories, projects and recipes as well as web-only features. The magazine is available in both print and digital editions.
As a homebrew club, we have the opportunity to get a one year digital and print subscription for only $15, half of the normal price. All we need to do is to get 10 club members to sign up at a minimum and the deal is ours. The order has a deadline of June 30, 2018 so we have plenty of time yet.
If you are interested in subscribing to BYO Magazine, click on the button below and enter your information. Please note that this offer is only open to existing club members.