New Stout II - All Grain Recipe

by Jeff "The Freezer" Winter

 This is an excellent stout that Jeff brought with him to the Big Brew Day to share with us.  It has a very creamy mouthfeel and finishes quite nicely.  We asked him to send in recipe so we could get it out to the other members.  Thanks again Jeff and nice job!

 For a 4.8 gallon (20 L) yield for a 60 minute boil
 O.G.: 1.062
 F.G.: 1.025
 IBU: 45
 ABV%: 4.9%  
 Color 82.1°L

 9 lb Marris Otter 38ppg, 4°L (68.5%)
 2 lb Roasted Barley 28ppg, 500°L (15.2%)
 1 lb Chocolate 29ppg, 350°L (7.6%)
 .5 lb Black Patent 27ppg, 500°L (3.8%)
 .5 lb Crystal 40L 34ppg, 40°L (3.8%)
 .13 lb Dry Candi-Clear 32ppg, °L (1.0%)

Hops and Adjuncts
 2 oz Goldings (Kent) hops, 5% Alpha Acid pellet hops, for 60 minutes
 1 oz Goldings (Kent) hops, 5% Alpha Acid pellet hops, for 30 minutes

 2 vials White Labs WLP004 Irish Ale yeast; or make an appropriate size yeast starter

Directions for All-Grain Recipe

Single infusion mash technique
 Mash grains with 4.9 gallons of water at 166°F for a target temperature of 155°F. Sparge with 3.2 gallons of water at 167°F.  Collect enough runoff to end up with 5.9 gallons before a 60-minute boil. Bring to a boil and add 2 ounces of the Goldings (Kent) hops. Boil for another 30 minutes and add the second hop addition.  Boil for an additional 15 minutes before adding the re-hydrated Irish moss.  After the 60-minute boil, chill and transfer to a fermenter, pitch the yeast and aerate well.  Ferment at 65°F to 68°F for fifteen days.  Rack to keg, or add bottling sugar and bottle and allow to carbonate at 66-68 °F for two weeks minimum.

 Force carbonate at approximately 2 to 2.5 volumes of CO2.
Bottle condition using 2.6 to 3.9 oz by weight (73 to 111 g) corn sugar
 1 The all-grain recipes assume 67% efficiency unless otherwise stated.  Adjust the grain bill to match your system.